Ombres and Octagons

Supplies Students Need To Bring

Template Set and Pattern (part of kit fee you will receive at class)

(Makes 4 quilt patterns: Octagon Shimmer, Cardinal Shimmer, Sunset Lake, Tree Shimmer Table Runner and more coming!)


Bring at least 20-30 ombrés, ½ yard each in a color palette that pleases you. Add some unexpected colors too. Take some chances. Your ombrés should range very dark to very light, including softer hues to bright, punch colors. If you like, add some solids or prints for interest, depending on your aesthetic. Have an idea/image that inspires you while choosing your palette. Jennifer will have her SKY available in class for sale.

The Usual Must Haves-

Sewing Machine in good working order with extra thread and needles

Cutting Mat and rotary blades with fresh blades

Rulers of various sizes

Small Iron and travel board if you want to work at your station vs sharing.

Pins, scissors, snips, seam ripper

Colored pencils to sketch your color ideas out


Smart phone with camera is very useful in design process.

Inspiration photo for color/value ideas are helpful.