Beautiful Bovines Fabric Collage

Supplies Students Need To Bring

A variety of fabrics in a variety of patterns and textures. Plains, small prints, batiks, Kaffe, hand dyes, geometrics and adding some unusual color/ patterns will add interest to the quilt. Small pieces (4-8’’) or scraps will work great and sharing is encouraged.

Color scheme; your choice either bright abstract or a natural cow color!

Background fabric is best chosen after the collage is finished.

Scissors, sharp and good for cutting small pieces of fabric

Fabric glue. I use Aleenes Tacky glue but school glue works also.

Tool for applying glue like a toothpick  (I have these for sale $1)

Sharpie “Fine” not extra Fine

Chalk pencil or similar fabric marking tools, pencil , disappearing ink pen.

Tweezers (optional)