Whimsical Birds

Supplies Students to Have:

Drawing supplies:
You will need a pencil and paper. Printer paper will work just fine but if you’re going to use a marker or a wet media to add color to your birds, I recommend using a heavier mixed-media paper or watercolor paper (140lb cold press is what I use). You might also find it helpful to have an eraser. Use whatever you have on hand, there’s no need to go out and buy any expensive drawing supplies for this class!

Tracing paper can be helpful to have on hand so that you don’t have to cut up your original bird drawings if you want to turn them into fabric appliqués because it gives you the option to be able to use them over and over again.

Sewing supplies:
I will be providing instructions for and demonstrating how to turn your wonky birds into a pillow or a 16” x 16” art quilt. I like to work with solid fabrics but you should work with the fabrics and colors that you like.

  • White (or any color you prefer) for the background of the front of your pillow or art quilt – one piece 16” x 16”
  • White (or any color you prefer) for the back side of your pillow (or art quilt) – 1/2 yard for the pillow, 16” x 16” for an art quilt.
  • Wool felt or quilt batting – I prefer to use wool felt instead of batting because it makes my quilts hang nice and flat and gives body but not loft. If you are going to make project you want to wash then you should use quilt batting. You can find wool felt at most Joanne craft stores. I buy it direct from Non-wovens and I buy the TOY-002 in color way Opal: https://www.commonwealthfelt.com/shop/woolfelt/woolfelt-opal-35/
  • Mistyfuse fusible web – note that this is the only fusible that I use and recommend and all the techniques I teach are demo are with this product. The choice is yours but if you choose to work with another brand of fusible then your results may differ from mine. https://www.mistyfuse.com
  • Parchment paper – NOT freezer paper. I prefer to use the Reynolds brand parchment paper because it has a good silicone coating, If you use the brown paper parchments you may have problems with it sticking because the coating doesn’t tend to be very thick.
  • Transfer paper: any chalk based transfer paper will work. Here are two options: Transdoodle: https://www.mistyfuse.com/collections/transdoodle
    Saral: https://www.amazon.com/SARAL-PAPER-White-Transfer-Paper/dp/ B0027AENYK
  • Dritz also makes a wax free transfer paper. Whatever you buy you’ll just need to make sure that it’s white, yellow or some other light color and that it is wax free. I prefer to use white.
  • Black fabric – 1/4 yard or a couple of fat quarter sized pieces – note that you can substitute a small scale black and white print or another color instead of solid black for a different look. Or mix it up and use a variety of colors.
  • An assortment of scraps (measuring 8” – 12” square or so) to use for the birds and other imagery.
  • Sewing machine and assortment of threads to match your fabrics
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • Good sharp scissors for detail cutting