Walk the Talk and Quilt It!

Supplies Students Need To Have:


-A Sewing Machine WITH a Walking Foot or Integrated Dual Feed Foot/System installed

-One quilt top you’d like to get feedback/suggestions on how to quilt. Prior to class, please email Sheri a photo of the quilt top so it can be shared on screen during class.  Please make sure you photograph your quilt top as straight on as possible—you may need someone to hold it up for you. Center your camera with your work and photograph. If you hold your camera at an angle, your work will appear distorted. When you email me photos (sheri@wholecirclestudio.com), please be sure to let me know you are in the Craft Napa workshop.

-Orphan blocks or unquilted mini quilt tops that you don’t mind practicing on. At least 10″ x 10″ square. No larger than 24″ x 24″. Bring at least 3 (if they’re 10″ x 10″). If you don’t have extra blocks or mini quilt tops that you want to practice on, bring a few Fat Quarters, especially ones with a geometric print.

-Backing fabric—Great for using up what you have in your stash that you don’t love! Bring enough for each of the mini quilt tops you’ll be practicing on. You can trim in class. Make sure it is 6″ longer in both directions than your orphan blocks or mini quilt top.

-Batting—Bring enough for each of the mini quilt tops you’ll be practicing on. You can trim in class. (I like Warm and Natural by The Warm Company.)

-Good quality thread, any color —5owt and/or 40wt. (I use Aurifil.)

-Brand new needle for your machine. I suggest a size 90/14 or 80/12. (I prefer Organ 90/14.)

-Clover Hera Marker (There are two versions—regular and Slim. I prefer the Slim.)

-Painters Tape—1″ wide

-Curved Safety Pins (I prefer Dritz Size 1—1″ long)

-Basic tools (fabric scissors, thread snips, acrylic ruler, seam ripper, etc.)

-OPTIONAL: Easy Threading needles (I like Tulip and Dritz brand Easy Threading needles.)

-OPTIONAL: Kwik Klip —makes closing curved safety pins easier!

-OPTIONAL: Quilting gloves. I prefer Machingers Quilting Gloves.