Stitching Memories

Supplies Students to Have:

  • Heirloom textiles such as lace, fabric, handkerchiefs, etc. Please don’t bring your most important pieces for your first piece. Look for linens that have been damaged or suffer from deterioration so that it won’t be too hard to cut into them. You can gently soak most linens in OxyClean and cold water and rinse well if needed. Test first to make sure colors will not run.
  • Scraps of cloth for backgrounds (linen, cotton, anything you like, minimum 8″ x 10″ )
  • Embroidery threads and needles
  • Buttons, embellishments and any ephemera you might want to use
  • Photos transferred onto cloth, (tutorial HERE
  • Batting, needles, fusible web, etc.
  • Batting scraps for creating a small piece

Optional Student Supplies:

  • Battery operated light and/or magnifying lamp if needed.
  • Batting 8×10 or 18×20 if you want to create something a bit larger
  • Cloth and photos to discuss.

Other precious linens to discuss (but perhaps not use) in class.