Layered Screenprinting

Supplies Students to Have:


  • 10 or more pieces of plain white cotton for practicing techniques, 8×10 ish
  • 4-6 dyed fat quarters, mostly solid, at least one dark colored
  • 1 yard felt + 1 yard duck cloth or canvas to use as a print surface
  • Small amount of Cascade Dishwashing Gel – yellow cap. (test to make sure it bleaches – dab a small amount on several different scraps of dyed fabric to see if it bleaches.)
  • Duct Tape to prepare screens for printing
  • Bin with water for soaking and cleaning screens, access to sink and paper towels or dish cloths
  • Any colored textile paints you wish to experiment with (black and white will be provided)
  • Wear old clothes, protect your work surface

Optional Student Supplies:

  • Gloves to keep hands clean
  • Batting if you wish to finish your art quilt later
  • 10×10 Gallery wrapped canvas if you wish to mount your art quilt later