Dyeing in a Drought


If you are already a dyer, you most likely have the majority of items on this list already.

  • 5 yards of PFD cotton cloth
    I suggest ordering more, because you will want to do more after class is over!
  • Procion MX dyes, your choice of colors
  • Urea (optional, but I like to use it as it helps dye dissolve)
  • Soda ash powder
  • Something in which to mix dye concentrates
  • Something in which to mix soda ash
  • A dust mask, preferably an N95 or a surgical mask
  • Measuring tools for dyeing: teaspoons and tablespoons, and a set of measuring cups
  • 4 Buckets, They could all be 5 gallon buckets, or two 5 gallon plus two 3 gallon
  • One large pot. Stainless steel is the gold standard, but an enamel canning kettle is just fine
  • One pair of tongs
  • Hot pads or mitts
  • Gloves, both heavier dishwashing gloves, and thinner close fitting gloves
  • 1 dishpan or large open plastic storage container.
  • Gallon size ziplock bags or recycled plastic lettuce containers with lids, 8 or more
  • 8 large yogurt containers (35 oz. size) or similar with lids
  • A tabletop covered with heavy plastic. Alternatively, you could cover a scrap piece of plywood and put it on sawhorses or another table
  • notebook and pen
  • rags or old towels for wiping up while dyeing