Dancing with The Wall

Supplies Students Need To Have:


  1.  Design wall at least 3×3’ – you can hang a piece of batting or flannel over a door or push pin onto a wall.  I hope you already have a design wall that you use for quilting.  I prefer to work on white.  Remember that every color in front of you influences your work.  If you work on gray, the gray becomes part of your composition and also tends to dull colors put on top of it (shadows through).
  2.  2 yards each of your 2 favorite colors that play nicely together.  I’ve attached a couple of pictures, one black/white and one brown/gold.  High contrast is always striking, but I’ve had students who use two electric colors and make amazing pieces.  It’s up to you.  Just make sure you love them.  The first improv class I took, I used my yucky fabric because I didn’t want to risk my favorites and I have always hated that piece and it’s one of the few I’ve never finished.

I get questions about using prints instead of solids and if that’s all you have available, please feel free but in my experience, students who use prints have more problems being able to have a clear design.  Once you get experience with this process, prints can be used very effectively.  Ultimately, it’s your decision.

  1.  All quilting/sewing supplies as usual.