Sheer Bliss: A Stitch Meditation

Supplies Students Need To Bring

-Large-eye embroidery or sharps needles (I prefer John James Sharps size 3/9, or John James Embroidery size 3/9).Please use the needles of your choice to accommodate your embroidery thread.

-Embroidery floss-I recommend a 6-strand type of floss in a selection of your choice of colors.

-Wonderfil Spagetti 12 wt cotton thread (I prefer to use with Bohin  #7 Embroidery needle)

-Straight pins

-Basting thread (optional-I prefer 50 or 80 wt thread if you choose to thread baste your project).

-Fabric scissors

-Embroidery scissors

-Thimble (optional but recommended.I LOVE Clover’s protect and grip thimble. Choose between 3 sizes for comfort).

-Good lighting and a comfie chair!Optional but encouraged:thread gloss or beeswax for thread conditioning. (I love “Sew Fine” brand).