Popping Garden

Supplies Students Need To Have

    • Two 17 inches x 17 inches white fabric (natural fiber fabrics: Kona, cotton, Essex, linen, cotton muslin) try not to choose a tight weave cloth, batik type, since they are difficult so sew by hand.
    • 7 inches by 17 inches accent fabric. Bring several to choose from. Earth tones solid or printed.
    • Wooden 9inch hoop (cheap ones, you can find in craft stores for less than two bucks).
    • Several embroideries thread. Two from the same color family than your popping flowers and a third color for accent flowers. I used brown for the stalks and different greens for the “lawn”.
    • ¼ inch lite steam a seam doble stick fusible tape
    • (3) 32oz plastic containers, kitchen timer and two plastic or metal dedicated for dyeing spoons or knives, blue dawn or similar detergent
    • Elastics or cloth pins to be use to manipulate fabric.
    • mask
    • Materials you like to use for sewing: sharp scissors, needle threader, etc.
    • Sashiko needles My preference for sewing the popping flowers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074JD7N64?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_A3DBGF72XRF3KF7W2XW1 or embroidery needles size 3-9
    • Air erasable marker for light and dark fabric