Natalya Khorover

Reclaiming and repurposing materials to use in Natalya’s art has been her practice for years. She uses meditative hand stitching and mending of vintage linen, alongside her industrial sewing machine to stitch and collage layers of translucent single-use plastics which would otherwise contribute to litter pollution. The transformation she subjects them to makes these materials unrecognizable.

Natalya’s design inspiration is drawn from the urban environment, buildings of all styles and sizes, new and dilapidated. She thinks of bridges as intricate heavy metal lace, and fire escapes as the iron spines which hold up our aspirations. To Natalya, graffiti is the voice of the city, powerful and opinionated. Even weeds pushing their way through the cracks in the sidewalk add to the beauty and complexity of the urban environment.

Sharing her expertise by teaching and lecturing on mixed-media art techniques, the creative process and inspiration is Natalya’s way of making sure the art and craft is accessible to everyone.

Natalya’s Classes

Friday, January 12, 2024
Saturday, January 13-- Sunday, January 14, 2024