Margarita Korioth

For the past 20 years, Margarita Korioth has worked with different media, paints and dyes, to discover and create new techniques that incorporate paper and fabric in one piece of art.

Her message is to approach quilting art from a different perspective to show the endless possibilities of combining printed material with fabric or, on fabric alone. Some examples include magazine clippings, letters, cherished documents or newsprint.

Her creative and innovative artwork has been published in 23 articles, many of which appeared in quilting magazines such as “Quilting Arts”, “Art Quilting Studio”, “Machine Embroidery” and “Simply Moderne”. Her acclaimed work has also been exposed at major international quilting shows and has won her several awards. Among these, Margarita won the “2012 Quilt Alliance Grand Prize Winner’, and, more recently, the “Lynn Goodwin Borgman Award for SURFACE DESIGN” at 2019 Quilt National.

Margarita Korioth’s work can be seen at her blogsite:

Margarita’s Uncorked Classes

Friday January 12, 2024
Popping Garden 2Korioth
Saturday, January 13, 2024
Dinky town 2Korioth