Kawandi Stitching

Supplies Students Need To Have:

Neutral color thread for basting

Fabric scissors


Needle grabber (optional)

Embroidery needles Bohin #7 OR of your choice

Wonderfil Specialty Thread – Spaghetti – Weight 12 Color: White or Ecru OR of your choice

One 22″ x 22″ piece of lightweight fabric for backing

21” X 21” square, thin batting – Quilter’s Dream (request) Or loosely woven fabric

3” wide cut or torn strips of bright and lightweight fabrics and scraps

Fabric Suggestion:

To make the process interesting and engaging, please include random scraps of many different size, colors, and textures in your scraps bag. Lightweight fabrics will make it easier to stitch through multiple layers of fabrics. Add some shot cottons, plaid, prints and stripes to the mix. Make sure to add a scrap from a personal clothing item. Do not use batiks or heavy weight fabrics for this project.