Jennifer Sampou

Passion for pattern and color.
Discovering patterns of beauty in nature excites me. Wanderlust keeps me traveling to exotic lands, hunting for new ideas and collecting colorful treasures which inspire me to no end. My travels take me far and wide such as the markets of  Kathmandu or Zanzibar, or they are local such as the Sierra Mountains or the museums of San Francisco. Creating designs from places I’ve been; images, textures and color that have inspired me, makes me happy and I am so grateful to be able to share them with you.

Good, thoughtful design is important.
If we surround ourselves with things we cherish, find practical and connect us  to our past and present, we create an artful life.  When we take care in what we choose to bring into our lives and homes, how it makes us feel and why it’s important- we live mindfully. Only then do we wake up in our space feeling energized and ready for the world. And then when we retreat again,  curl up with a loved one in a beautiful, handmade quilt, our hearts and souls are replenished.

I have designed over 4000 prints and sold millions of yards since 1989.
Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City is where I studied design and majored in textiles at University of Vermont. Laura Ashley in Wales, UK was where I got my feet wet as a designer and in 1989 I moved to California to become creative director for P&B Textiles. A wonderful relationship bloomed with the fine folks of P&B Textiles as quilting fabrics and new printing processes flourished in the 90’s. In 1996 I opened my own Studio Sampou and we have been creating best selling fabrics since for a wonderful family owned company:  Robert Kaufman. My sister and I co-authored In the Nursery (C&T Publishing also part of our family business). You’ll find my line of patternswith Stash Books along with my book, Ombré Quiltsand patterns at your local quilt shop or in my store.

Home is wherever we are as a family…
After living in colorful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a few years, we returned to  Northern California where my loving husband, our growing  boys, a bunch of animals live in a rustic eclectic home filled with good design which nurtures our humanness.

Jennifer’s Class

Saturday January 15 - Sunday January 16, 2022
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