Intro to Fabric Painting

Supplies Students to Have on Hand:



  • 1 –  14” x14”  square  of  PFD  (prepared for dyeing) fabric. Or  white  fabric if it’s not PFD fabric, I suggest you  wash it     beforehand – press to remove wrinkles.

Note:  you can  use a larger piece of fabric if  you’d like.

  • ½ yard of   inexpensive  muslin  –  pre-shrunk  and ironed  (or an  old  piece of  fabric  you  don’t care  about)

Paint  Brushes:             

  • 1/2” angle shader
  • 3/8” angle shader
  • 2  liner –or similar

Note:  these are my favorite brushes to use for this purpose, but feel free to use what you have.  I use Simply Simmons brushes because they are not too expensive and they last a long time, but any other brand will do.  Purchase brushes for acrylic paints.

Fabric   Paints:

Fabric paints come in transparent and opaque.  If you have a choice, buy transparent paint for this project.  If you have opaque, that will work too.  Do not buy metallic paints for this project.

Common brands of fabric paints are:

• Jacquard which are American. They come in Textile (transparent) and Neopaque (opaque) and Metallic (Lumiere)

  • Pebeo Setacolor which are French. They come in transparent, opaque and metallic.

You can mix and match brands.  Please, DO NOT use metallic paints for this project.  Choose either opaque or transparent.

These are the colors I use.  Purchase all or mix to make your own.

  • Light green
  • Dark green
  • Bright yellow
  • Golden yellow
  • White
  • Choose one: maroon,  red,  orange
  • A blue or purple  or periwinkle  for the base


Other supplies:            

  • Apron to protect your clothes – this is not a messy process but just in case:
    • Plastic drop cloth to cover the table with or a large garbage bag
    • Paper towels
    • Water container   (empty vegetable soup can works well)
    • 2-3 large Styrofoam plates or trays (meat trays –washed properly-  no paper plates) or plastic plates
    • 1 old toothbrush
  • Paper scissors
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Notebook for  note taking and pen

Patterns   Supplied (emailed to enrolled students in advance)         


  • The black and white  line pear pattern supplied needs to be copied or  printed onto 11”x17” paper to get the right size.                      Please   print      2-3.
  • The color copy can be printed to 8.5″ x 11″ as it is just a guide for color placement.
  • The pear  layout is a guide to where   we’ll  apply the light, medium, and dark.  It can be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.