Tattered Treasures Pendant

Supplies Students to Bring:

  • Scissors, embroidery needles
  • Ball-peen hammer, round-nose jewelry pliers, chain-nose jewelry pliers and wire cutters.
  • Any beads, buttons or broken bits of old jewelry that you may wish to incorporate into your pendants, ribbon or seam binding or recycled silk sari (I buy mine from Darn Good Yarn). You do not need to bring anything beyond your tools as basics to make the samples are included in your kit.
  • If you have a small bench block or travel anvil please bring. You can also use a small steel plate. To make bails and findings that last, you will need to learn how to work harden your metal, which requires a metal surface such as a bench block or steel plate. Instructor will have a couple to share so if you might not wish to explore jewelry in the future please do no purchase just for class.