Start with a Square

Supplies Students to Bring:

  • Two 18” quilt sandwiches of quality 100% cotton fabric and quality batting. Fabric should be a lighter colored solid – could be white, a lighter value of any color, beige, light taupe, etc.
  • Baste quilt sandwiches together using your preferred method.
  • In addition, a fat quarter (or larger) of a large scale print to use as your “starter”. See note below. I will bring some starter squares to share just in case.
  • Several colors in the medium range plus one lighter color of quality thread to compliment your starter’s colors.
  • Marker of choice – blue wash out, Sewline chalk, anything that marks well.
  • Fabric scissors or rotary cutter (will only use once, students can share).
  • 24” quilter’s ruler (we only use once-students can share).
  • Thread snips.
  • Pencil and 15 sheets of blank paper or a notepad.
  • 6 paper towels (12 if they are half-sized ones).
  • Any free-motion supplies that you typically use-gloves, slider, etc