Small Pet Faces Fabric Collage

Supplies Students to Bring:

  • Choose an 8″ x 1 O” photo of your favorite pet or animal. You might want to crop this to a close up of the face and reprint at 8 x 1 O”. An image that has good contrast and fills the page works best.
  • Bring 2 color copies and one in black and white ( on regular paper). If you are unsure bring a couple of options.
  • A variety of fabrics to match the colors in the photo but you wont need large pieces. Plains, small prints, textures, batiks and adding some unusual color/ patterns will add interest to the quilt. Small pieces or scraps will work great and sharing is encouraged.
  • You are welcome to work in a bright, abstract color scheme. Bring range of values; light, medium and dark.
  • Scissors, sharp and good for cutting small pieces of fabric. I like the Karen Kay Buckley 6″ scissors.
  • Fabric glue. I use Aleenes Tacky glue but school glue or other fabric glues work works also.
  • Tool for applying glue like a toothpick. I have them for sale for $1
  • Sharpie “Fine” not extra Fine
  • Chalk pencil or similar fabric marking tools, pencil and ball-point pen work. I like the Bohin Chalk pencil.
  • Optional: Light box and tweezers
  • Jane’s kit includes Pellon stabilizer, batting and a 10″ x 10″ art canvas frame to cover.