Quiet with a Pop

Supply List:

  • 100% cotton fabric, preferably solids LIGHT/MED/DARK VALUES FOR EACH COLOR (details below)
  • At least one yard each of various neutral colors.
  • Needles (I like SCHMETZ Microtex Sharps 70/10)
  • Neutral thread for piecing (I suggest very light gray)
  • Seam ripper, scissors and thread snippers
  • Rotary cutter (with extra blade)
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Cutting Mat (at least 24” for cutting width of fabric)
  • Small spray bottle (This is for water and a fine mist is best. You can find this at most art supply stores)
  • Sketchbook (for note taking, drawing etc.)
  • Regular pencil
  • White pencil
  • White flannel for your design wall

*Because you will be using more neutral fabric in this workshop, it is not necessary to bring a lot of colored fabric. One or two colors in multiple values will be fine. You’ll need at least one yard of your neutrals, and please make sure to bring a few different values.