Master Color Class

Supplies Students to Bring:

No kit needed but I have one available if they want.

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(two kit options as of now. Will probably expand come Dec 2021)

Ombre Quilts Book required.

The more variety of shading in ombré fabrics you choose, the better. Pick a color family such as blues, reds, purples or oranges then choose accents of opposite colors. This quilt uses nine of Jennifer’s SKY full range fabrics (exact fabrics are listed in book with images of colors but any ombrés will do).

Yardage is based on 42 ̋-wide fabric.

BLOCKS for Your Own Color Story:

Buy or assemble FQ, 1⁄2 to 1 yard cuts of 10 to 40+ ombré fabrics ranging from light to dark, supported color schemes in various values and analogous hues.
For example, Blues: have light blues, mid blues, dark blues, brights, dusty and greyed blues. Important that color is push toward teals and cobalts. Study the sky at sunset and sunrise and see the hundreds of hues. Choose something like oranges, yellows and pinks as accents (or opposite on color wheel of your choice color). Finish your selection off with a touch of emeralds, fire reds, and hot fuscias. Plus dulls and in-betweens. Don’t’ forget the lights and pales are as well as the deep, muddy darks and those in-between colors that you don’t know the names of! Bring more than you need so you have lots of choices and can fill the holes…but you already knew that!J


Sewing Machine in good working order with extra thread and needles Cutting Mat and rotary blades with fresh blades
Rulers of various sizes
Iron and travel board

Pins, scissors, snips
Design Board covered in batting or flannel. 4×4 will do. Pokey has in art barn


Colored pencils if you like to sketch your color ideas out
Seam ripper

Prior to Workshop To Do’s:

Working with color inspiration can be an important step for success. This comes from all kinds of sources: Do you have a favorite sunset photo? What hues do you feel like working in? Is this a gift for a person who loves a certain palette?
Do you have an image that captures the look you love? Take the time to ponder this. To be mindful of what you’d like to sew. More than one idea is absolutely Ok. Jennifer will discuss any questions you have prior to workshop. Send her a picture if you would like to chat via email. Contact for a back and forth before workshop.

Highly Suggested Reading/Watching:
OMBRE QUILTS book, (C&T Publishing 2019) pages 1-18, Value Study pages 36-37, Dawn Star Quilt pages 64-70.

Jennifer Sampou YouTube about Ombre Quilts.

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