Free-Form Mixed Media Mandala

Supplies Students Need To Have


1. Fabrics: Cottons, silks, linens, or woolens are suitable for this project. Vintage fabrics are

great. Prewashing is recommended when possible. Keep in mind when choosing fabrics, the

tighter the weave the harder it will be to stitch through.

a. Fabric for Background:

– 12” square, light solid colored fabric is preferable so you can see your pattern through the fabric. Vintage

fabrics are great. I used linen napkins for my project.

b. Fabric for shapes: assorted small scraps to contrast with your background

c. Photos printed on paper that’s not too heavy, or cut out fabric motifs

d. Muslin scraps to practice stitches on

2. Papers:

– Freezer paper for shape templates

– Optional, hand made papers with assorted patterns.

3. Embroidery Floss and Threads, assorted colors to go with your color scheme

4. Regular sewing thread, assorted colors for sewing down your shapes

5. Stabilizer, Optional: 14” square piece of silk organza, unwashed.

Note on Color: it can be hard pulling together your class supplies when you aren’t sure what you are going to end up doing. To help with this, I would recommend you start with one base color in mind, and work around that. In my sample I chose the dark blue used for the flower in the center, but it could be any color.

You can buy 42” wide white silk organza at Dharma Trading Company.

II. Tools:

1.Hand embroidery needles: I use assorted packs that are sizes 5-10

2. Fabric marking tools: this is what I use, but you are welcome to use what you prefer.

– Stabilo white pencil #8052, water erasable marker (from me or art supply stores)

– Frixion Pens # 31557, set of 3 colors (from me, Amazon, or office supply stores) heat erasable

– Fine-grit sandpaper, 1 sheet

3. Basic sewing kit, includes:

Sharp small scissors for embroidery, and scissors for cutting through freezer paper, straight pins, regular

hand sewing needles, regular sewing thread for basting, and beeswax for your thread.

• Blue painter’s tape (3/4” width is fine, or whatever you have)

• Ruler, rotary cutter, and cutting mat

• Color Wheel, available at any art supply store or online