Block Printing on Fabric

Supplies Students Need To Have

• Rubber stamp carving material for 2-3 stamps : 1 or 2 Speedball Speedy Carve

(pink), 6” x 12” Block carving tools: Speedball Linoleum Cutting Tool

• Roller/ Brayer: foam roller, not a hard plastic one

• Fabric Paint: Versatex Screen Printing Inks by Jacquard, or Speedball Fabric

• Screen Printing Inks, in one or two colors

Note: Do not buy Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink

• Optional: fabric markers (washable) if you want to add additional color.

• Something smooth to roll your ink out on– 8” x 10” minimum size, it can be a piece of glass, metal or Plexiglas like plastic material

• Scraps of fabric and or scratch paper to practice on

• Ruler, and an Xacto knife for cutting your blocks

For your convenience I set up a Course Materials List at Dick Blick if you can’t find supplies at your local art supply store.

• Regular pencil, black Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie, and a thicker one as well.

• Tweezers, and a small stiff paint brush

• Designs will be provided for you to use in class, but you are welcome to use your own design.

Below are the items available from Dick Blick if you are not able to find the items at your local art supply store. They are included in the Dick Blick List.

Item ID Item Description Price Priority Qty

60283-1612 Speedball Speedy Carve Block – 6’’ x 12’’

$14.65 BLICK (1 or 2)

40203-1009 Speedball Lino Set No. 1

$10.21 BLICK

43230-2025 Speedball Water-Base Textile Screen Printing Ink – Black, 8 oz

$8.52 BLICK

40102-1004 Rollrite Foam Brayer – 4’’