Applique & Piecing

Supplies Students to Bring:

  • 100% cotton fabric, preferably solids LIGHT/MED/DARK VALUES FOR EACH COLOR (details below) Textured prints are welcome in this workshop. Batiks will also work very well with this technique. 
  • At least one yard each of neutral colors.
  • Needles (Microtex Sharps #60/8 or #70/10) This is very important because you will be sewing with very fine thread.
  • Freezer paper (Will be provided)
  • Regular black Sharpie Pen (Will be provided)
  • Superior Threads Mono.Poly™ Thread (Only this brand, and the translucent version, not the black.)
    • Some machines will not like this thread, so please test before the workshop. An alternative would be Wonderfil by Invisifil – light gray 100wt 2-Ply Polyester Thread.
  • Seam ripper and very sharp small scissors
  • Rotary cutters (with extra blades) You will want a 28mm, as well as the standard 45mm.
  • Ruler 
  • Cutting Mat (at least 24” for cutting width of fabric) 
  • A flat light box. This is a must have and can be found on Amazon for a very good price.  (Starting around $25)
  • Good old fashioned spray starch. (Will be provided)
  • A small round paint brush size 4. (Will be provided)
  • A very small container with a lid. (Will be provided)
  • Sketchbook (for note taking, drawing etc.)
  • Regular pencils w/eraser
  • Blue painters tape.

Optional, but not necessary: 

  • An iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil if you have one, with the App Procreate installed.

You may visit this site as a reference for choosing your palette:

*Having at least 3 values of each color you bring will give you a better result. Regarding the neutral fabric, please make sure you bring very light values. Bring grays and taupes. Please make sure you bring a very light shade (close to white) as well as a light/medium.