From Sketch to Stitch with Inktense Pencils

Supplies Students need to have:

  • Sewing machine —The sewing machine should be clean and in perfect working order. If the sewing machine hasn’t been serviced in the past year, it would be a good idea to have it serviced before the class.
  • Free-motion quilting foot–make sure the feed-dogs can be lowered, or covered, for free-motion quilting.
  • Brushes–I use angular brushes in 3/8”, ¼” for smaller areas and ½” for larger areas.  Use what you have and give them a try to see what works for you. Round brushes work fine too as do flat brushes.
  • Small scissors for cutting threads or thread snips
  •  14” square of PFD (Prepared for Dyeing) fabric, or good quality white fabric or off-white fabricNote: If not PFD, please pre-wash using a drop of detergent in the water to remove the sizing.
  •  16″ square Low-loft Batting of your choice
  •  16″ square Backing of your choice
  •  Pins to hold the layers together or Temporary Spray Adhesive such as Odif 505
  •  Charcoal or dark to medium grey thread for both top and bobbin – I use DecoBob, Invisafil or the Bottom Line for the bobbin and a rayon or cotton thread for the top – usually in 40 or 50 weight. The thread is your choice. Please load one bobbin with the bobbin thread before the class and have the top thread in your machine. You could also use a light gray, sepia, etc. but you want to see the thread colour so avoid using white, off-white, or very light colored thread.• White or off-white thread to stitch the background – to match your fabric• A new needle in the sewing machine if you haven’t changed the needle in a while• A few paper towels• 1 container for water• Notebook or paper for taking notes – optional• Mechanical pencil and eraser• Inktense pencils – the 12-pencil set should suffice if purchasing. 24 pencils will give you more options of colors but use what you have or think you’ll use in the future

    • Aloe Vera gel

    • A small container or dish to pour the aloe vera

    • Pattern printed on 11” x 17”

    Note: Part of this class is on free-motion quilting. If you wear free-motion gloves, please have them handy. The same goes for any other tools you normally use when free-motion quilting.