From Gelli Print to Fabric Collage

Supplies Students Need To Have

  • Gel plate (I will be demo on a 6×6 inch plate – this is a small size and great for experimenting on – if you have a larger one that’s fine you can use it large or mask off to 6 inches with making tape)
  • 2-4 tubes of Golden OPEN acrylics – I will send color guides to help you choose once I get your email address from Pokey
  • 20 pieces of fabric cut to 7x7in square – (or one inch larger than gel plate) – white or off-white quilting cotton or muslin works great, linen and rayon work well too. A variety of is nice – you can even print on light white on white printed fabric too.

Things to collect for printing:

  • Things to make texture with such as veg and fruit knit bags (like oranges often come in)
  • Old lace – especially thick that will leave a texture.
  • Toilet paper tube to make circles
  • If you have any stencils around pull those out too


Things to collect for stitching:

  • Sewing machine if using or embroidery thread and needle if hand sewing
  • Rotary cutter, matt and ruler and/or scissors
  • Iron and ironing pad