Do I have to register for the entire retreat or can I register for just one workshop? Will classes be live or recorded?

Workshops will be live (via Zoom) with some pre-recorded content where applicable. You can register for just one workshop, you don’t need to attend the entire retreat (although we would love you to)! If however you register for 3 or more Craft Napa workshops, you will receive the Craft Napa Box with swag, in addition to your class kits (where applicable). If you register for 1-2 classes and it is a kitted class, you will get the kit for the class. All of the above applies to U. S. residents only. We will not be doing any international shipping due to tremendous shipping delays and mailing unreliability during COVID-19. If you are an international student and want to participate in Craft Napa, then we ask you to provide us with a U.S. resident’s address for mailing any materials to (for classes with kits), and work out mailing with that resident privately. We are sorry for this inconvenience but shipping has been extremely delayed since the start of COVID and we cannot be responsible for delayed packages.

I see the workshop I want is sold out. Can I be put on a waitlist?

Yes. Once you register, you have the option to be put on a waitlist for any workshops that are sold out. Click the workshop that is sold out, and it will tell you that it is sold out and place you in a queue for the workshop, should anybody cancel. You will be notified automatically should a spot open. You may register for a second choice, and should someone cancel and a spot is open on the waitlist, we will notify you. This policy however will end on November 27, 2020 when registration closes. No exceptions.

Is the Artist Market free for those who want to attend?

Yes. It is free and open to all registered students.  For this unique virtual edition of Craft Napa, the Artist Market will take place on “Cyber Monday,” November 30, 2020. The Artist Market will feature teacher offerings (supplies, kits, fabrics, patterns, books, finished works, etc.),  offered through Zoom and open to all registered Craft Napa students. Each teacher will have a platform of 5-10 minutes during the Artist Market to showcase what they are selling and students can go to their websites and order. The teachers will then ship all purchased materials to me, that I will then distribute in the Craft Napa boxes (for those who are taking three or more workshops). If you are not taking three or more workshops, you can order directly from the teacher, but you will be paying standard shipping costs from the teacher for any Artist Market materials ordered.