DIY Mark Making on Paper & Cloth

Supplies Students Need To Have

-Cloth: a variety of cotton & silk that have a fine “hand” (rougher textures don’t work well on the gelatin plate).Examples are organza, chiffon, batiste, lawn, and broadcloth.Textured silk is interesting to play with. Please cut into sections from 8” square to Fat Quarter size for ease of printing.I suggest a minimum of 10 pieces of cloth..cut as many pieces as you want to play with!

-Paper: a selection of watercolor (hot or cold press between 90-140 lb.weight), mixed media paper, recycled books, music, etc. Sizes can vary from artist trading cards, large white sale tags, 4×6 inch postcards, and on up to 9×12.Paper can be cut to fit the gelatin plate.Some inexpensive printer paper is handy and I recommend as large a variety as possible Be sure you have a wide selection to play with!I suggest having anywhere from30+ pieces as the printing goes quickly and it is fun to make a LOT (remember:these can be cut up for collage, gift tags, and more). Deli paper or other transparent papers (optional)

Gelatin printing plate (can be 6×6 inch or 8x 10 inch)

Firm rubber Brayer (I recommend the soft rubber 6” brayer from Blick

Or there is a selection from amazon.  Avoid soft spongy foam.


Sticky-backed fun foam sheet.  These are available at most craft stores and art supply places.


1 or 2 Fun foam door hanger (similar to these):


Optional:  small soft-sided blank sketchbook (5×7 inches is ideal)


-Paint: choose from your own stash or pick up any variety of opaque or transparent acrylic paint you desire.A basic supply of opaque white, yellow, red, blue, and black is essential but be sure to include your favorite colors.No need to purchase expensive brands (unless you prefer them):craft store paint works just fine!

-Gloves are optional, or some barrier cream(like “Gloves In A Bottle”) if you wish to avoid getting paint on your hands.

-One or two foam brushes are optional.

-Paper palette for dispensing and mixing paint.These can be found at art and craft stores or online.They come in a pad.(alternatives are a 10” x12” plexiglass plate, styrofoam meat tray, washed,a stack of pre-cut freezer paper). I prefer a paper palette because you can fold up and tear off a page when it gets too messy!
-A styrofoam tray is handy for setting messy tools in.
-Paper towels (oran old phone book, old newsprint, old cleaning rags) for wiping surfaces and tools clean.
-Wet wipes have always been popular to have around in this workshop!Alternative:several cleaning cloths, damp, that can be rinsed and re-used.
-Tray for water near your work area
-Worktable with plastic covering and protected area nearby to play wet media for drying
-Access to water
-Craft scissors
-Washi tape (optional)
-Old clothes to get messy in
-Tools for mark-making:Examples of things that can be used are empty toilet paper rolls, prescription bottle lids, cardboard, berry boxes, any non-precious item that has a “texture” on it.Bubble-wrap, stencils, a few sheets of card stock, doilies, texture plates.
-Not necessary to source all these things: these are suggestions of items that can make interesting marks on the gelli plate