Snapshot of the Workshop Schedule

Craft Napa 2020  will take place Jan 15-20, 2020, and include 3-hour, 1-day (six-hour), and two-day workshops. All workshops take place at The Embassy Suites/ Napa, unless noted differently in the workshop description.


Wednesday–Special Workshop in the Art Barn  (9:00-4:00 with a one-hour lunch break)

Surprise Printing– Margarita Korioth

Day: (9:00-5:00 with a two-hour lunch break)

Fearless Free-motion: Start With a Square– Jenny K. Lyon

Strip Tease: Improv Quilting– Katie Pedersen

Map Making With Fabrics– Timna Tarr

Shibori Showdown– Judy Coates Perez

Whimsical Words & Watercolor Sketchbooks– Joanne Sharpe

Hand Applique with Paper and Fabric -Margarita Korioth

Personal Symbols for Art Quilts– Deborah Boschert

Scroll Stories– Libby Williamson

Surface Explorations in Paint, Soy Wax, Indigo & Cyanotype- Leslie Jenison (Day 1 in Art Barn)

Thursday Evening Classes (6:30-9:30)

How Do I Quilt This?– Jenny K. Lyon

Improv Map Making– Timna Tarr

Mixed Media Fusion Collage– Sue Bleiweiss

Watercolor Stitchery: Hand Embroidery Hoop Art– Joanne Sharpe

My Color Wheel– Jennifer Sampou

Something Stampy– Lisa Chin

DAY (9:00-5:00 with a two-hour lunch break)


Designing From the Scrap Bag– Maria Shell

Crushed It Quilt Blocks– Katie Pedersen

Dozen Ways: Designs for Art Quilts– Pat Pauly

Paint & Thermofax– Judy Coates Perez

I Just Want to Paint Flowers; Expressive Watercolor Painting– Joanne Sharpe

Instant Paper Cloth– Margarita Korioth

Art Quilt Collage: Cups, Vases, & Bowls– Deborah Boschert

Wonky Sisters– Libby Williamson

Surface Explorations in Paint, Soy Wax, Indigo & Cyanotype- Leslie Jenison (Day 2 in Art Barn)

DAY (9:00-5:00 with a two-hour lunch break)


Making Prints Out of Solids– Maria Shell

Line, Shape, Setting– Pat Pauly

Pet Portraits– Jane Haworth

Painted Canvas with Acrylic Markers– Judy Coates Perez

Gelli Plate Printing– Lisa Thorpe

Painterly Pix: A Deconstructed Collage– Jen Cushman

Flower Fantasy Garden– Sue Bleiweiss

Collage Magic– Libby Williamson

Ombres & Octagons– Jennifer Sampou (Day 1 in Art Barn)

DAY (9:00-5:00 with a two-hour lunch break)


Curve & Circle Sampler– Maria Shell

Take Two– Pat Pauly

Beautiful Bovines– Jane Haworth

Heavy Metal Play Day– Judy Coates Perez

Adventures in Encaustic– Lisa Thorpe

Time After Time: Assemblage Jewelry– Jen Cushman

Screen It, Stencil It, Stamp It, Paint It!– Sue Bleiweiss

Tea Bag Revival– Libby Williamson

Ombres & Octagons– Jennifer Sampou (Day 2 in Art Barn)

Important Dates and Information
  • Event Dates: January 15-20, 2020
  • Registration Open: June 1, 2019
  • Registration Close: Online registration closes December 23rd or when classes sell out.
  • Craft Napa will once again take place at the Embassy Suites, Napa. We have secured a limited number of rooms so please book early to ensure you get the Craft Napa discount.

Thanks to Meissner’s Sewing & BERNINA of America for generously providing sewing machines for student use!