Color & Grey Scale

Supplies Students Need To Bring

-Sewing machine in good working order.

-Basic sewing supplies, including a rotary cutter and a mat, paper and fabric scissors.

-You’ll want to have a pressing station available as well.

-Have your smart phone available, if possible, or a digital camera. We will take pictures and play around with them a little.

-If you have a chance, download Layout. Free in the App Store and fun to play with.We’ll use it to put together virtual layouts from the blocks we finish in the workshop. Lots of fun. Totally optional.

-For fabric, pull out your collection of solids in favorite colors, some grays and black and whites in solids and prints if you have them.

-Fat quarter collections of solids in lots of colors are a great option if your stash is not heavy on solids. Collect as many grays as you can, without going crazy. It’s nice to have a good variety, but don’t worry about accumulating the most expansive collection. A good variety is enough