From Breakdown Printing to Improv Quilt

Supplies Students Need to Bring:

  • Protective gloves
  • Mask (such as an N95) for wearing when working with dye powders. (Don’t worry…you don’t need to wear it all the time unless you want to–only for when working with dye powders.)
  • Apron and clothing you don’t care about getting dye on. Suggested to wear comfortable shoes as we will be standing/walking on concrete for part of the time.
  • Standard quilting cutting supplies: rotary cutter, ruler, mat
  • A fat stack of fat quarter-sized solids, such as KONA in a variety of colors. It would be a good idea to think ahead: your breakdown printed fabrics will be the stars of the show, the solids will be the supporting cast. It is also a good idea to bring a stack of neutrals as well. You could also bring other commercial fabrics–like polka dots as seen in Pokey’s quilt example. Don’t overthink this–two weeks before the retreat Pokey will host a ZOOM mtg. and we will go over what to bring/pack beforehand.


-If you are particular about thread color, bring your favorite sewing/quilting threads for piecing.

-Soda-soaked PFD white cotton fabric (if you anticipate you’ll be making more than 5 yards that Pokey is providing, and don’t want to buy more from Pokey)

-Funky found objects that you think can make an impression on fabric. Again, we will host a ZOOM mtg in advance of the workshop to go over everything to bring.