Birds & Blues: Fabric Dye Pastels & Hand Stitch

Supplies Students need to have:

  • iron and pad or board to iron on
  • pins and or glue stick.
  • scissors or rotary cutter (pinking shears are nice but not required)
  • Light to mid- weight Pellon fusible fabric stabilizer cut to 9x9in square (used to stabilize fabric while hand stitching so no embroidery hoop needed – if you prefer to use an embroidery hoop you can skip the Pellon)
  • Optional: disappearing fabric marker such as Pilot FriXion or Fabric Chalk such as Dritz Quilting Chalk Cartridge set is good if you want to mark precise stitch lines – you can also stitch freehand with no marking (I do both)

Sewing Machine needed? The class is designed to use hand stitch only but if you prefer to use a sewing machine or combo of machine and hand stitch that works too!