Big Juicy Watercolor Painting

Supplies Students Need To Bring

  • PAINTS Use your best watercolor paints in a palette (favorite brands are Daniel Smith, Winsor and Newton, Prima Confections and Gansi by Kuretake, etc.) If you are interested in Joanne’s sample palette (Daniel Smith paints) , send an email
  • PAPER 22”x30” sheet of 140lb, cold press watercolor paper. Easily available at art stores or the big box craft stores.
  • BRUSHES We’ll be using watercolor ROUNDS #12 or #14, #10 and 1” flat. Simply Simmons are great economical brushes for this project.
  • TEXTURE SUPPLIES Bubble wrap, Saran or Reynolds plastic wrap, recycled plastic hotel/gift card, small scraps of cardboard, assorted sizes of round plastic food containers (like a yogurt cup, etc.), kitchen sponge (new), stencils if you have them and masking tape.
  • OTHER Small awl and waxed book thread for binding, 2 small water containers, paper towels or paint rag.