Artfully Unique Fabrics Using Acrylic Inks

Supplies Students Need To Have

  • Custom-made acrylic inks from the How to Make Acrylic Inks workshop, OR several colors of Golden Brand High Flow Acrylic Ink and a small bottle of GAC 900.
  • 1 yd. bleached white cotton sheeting: Pimatex from, or #419 from
  • (2) 18-gallon kitchen trash bag, preferably smooth not textured stretchy ones, or a plastic drop cloth
  • A large paint palette with deep wells, able to hold separate colors of ink (disposable plastic plates with dividers, or old muffin tins work well )
  • Quart-size container for rinse water
  • Sea sponge
  • Large flat synthetic bristle paint brush
  • Scissors
  • 2 small matching size shapes made from wood, metal or acrylic. For example 2 round bottle caps or jar lids, or canning jar lids,
  • Large bull clip or clamp that will clamp over folded fabric and shapes
  • Large crystal salt, like rock or kosher salt (not table salt)