Art of Honoring: Accordion Collage Book

Supplies Students Need To Have

You might have everything you need already if you collect papers and cards but aren’t sure why well finally this is why!

Papers and images to gather:

  • If you are honoring a person or particular place, then gather those pictures
  • Art pattern papers in colors and patterns you like,
  • Old book pages, maps,
  • Old artwork you are ready to cut up
  • Even old Journal pages can be interesting.
  • Washi tape in two or three patterns in colors you enjoy.
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife for cutting detail or small scissors work too
  • Glue Stick
  • Envelopes from bills with glassine window (where the address is make a great window)

Optional: YES paste is good but optional for attaching cover and heavy items

Old gift card or plastic spreader for paste


Sewing Machine needed? This class is designed to be all glued but if you like the idea of sewing your pages I will have examples of accordion books created with paper and stitch to show.