Ana Buzzalino is a creator, maker, fibre and mixed media artist, surface designer, teacher and lecturer.  Her love of layers and texture combine in her original work.  She achieves results using a combination of different surface design techniques such as monoprinting, hand-painting, free-motion stitching and hand-stitching, amongst others to achieve the effects she’s searching for.  Her work has won numerous awards at national and international shows.  In 2019 Ana was honoured as Quilter of Distinction at Heritage Park 24th Annual Festival of Quilts.  She has been a visitor to Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt Show.  Ana is a frequent contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine and A Needle Pulling Thread among others.


A lot of her work for the past few years has used aspects of history with an impact on our culture today.  In the current climate where everything is new, instant and shiny, history has relevance; old buildings have a soul that modern buildings do not possess.  She finds herself returning to those old buildings to look at the marks of passing time.


Ana is the founder and CEO of Create2Flourish, a program to help quilters, textile and mixed media artists avoid frustration and overwhelm and find their own voice so they can create art in their own style.  Ana is currently teaching online from her studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Ana Buzzalino’s Classes

Saturday, January 13, 2024
12. A GOOD YEAR copy
Sunday, January 14, 2024