Monoprinting Papers & Fabrics for Collage

Monoprinting Papers & Fabrics for Collage

by CRAFT NAPA 2016 teacher Elizabeth St. Hilaire

For my Paper Paintings, I often use torn papers that I have previously monoprinted and keep in my stash of papers. Want to create one-of-a-kind papers or fabrics that you can then use for your collages? Here’s one of my easy techniques!


  • Gelli Plate
  • Golden fluid acrylics
  • Brayer
  • Tyvek (You can get Tyvek at Home Depot, on, or repurpose FedEx soft envelopes.)
  • Scissors for paper
  • White paper or fabric

Plate with yellow paint

    1. Drop a small amount of Golden fluid acrylic directly onto your plate. Using your brayer, spread the paint over the Gelli Plate to create a thin, even layer.

cut mask

    2. Cut shapes out of Tyvek and place them into the painted Gelli Plate, forming a mask.
Mask on yellow gellie plate


    3. Place the piece of paper or fabric on top to create a monoprint by gently and evenly applying pressure on the back of the paper or fabric. Lift the fabric or paper off the Gelli Plate.
 Yellow fabric with mask resist
    4. Wipe down the plate, brayer a new color over and move the masks to a new (different) position on the plate.
Red gelli with mask resist
    5. Press the masks down with a texture plate to add a bit of texture to the last color (blue). You can also use corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, or any textured surface to add another element to the last layer.


Finished fabric

Experiment with masks, textures, and color combinations to create a stash of colorful fabrics and papers for your future art creations!

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